Sarah’s Photo Shoot

Thanks for joining me!

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to do another shoot with Sarah Camilleri. This is not the first time that we have worked together. Apart from sharing some of the photos from our shoot I have asked Sarah some questions about herself and these were her replies.


1. On A Scale Of 1-10, How Strict Were Your Parents?

They both had different characters and obviously depends on the situation,however I am gonna go with 7/10

2. Who inspired you most? Why?

My mum. She’s unique in her own way! She is always positive, even when things are a bit rough and always with a smile on her face. She is courageous and so kind to everyone, even to people she doesn’t know. She finds time for anything family, voluntary work, community work and more… and she never said no to helping others. Mum is also fun and adventurous. Traveling with her is so awesome she knows how to have fun. Apart from being my mum , she is the best friend i could ever ask for! ♥️

3. Who Was Your Favorite Teacher? Why?

I never really had that favorite teacher but if i had to choose I would choose the teacher who used to teach me french when I was form 1. She was truly dedicated.


4. What Was Your Favorite Toy Growing Up?

Barbies and planes. ️

5. If You Could Time Travel, When Would You Go?

I would go to the future and see what is in store for me. Maybe I can fix somethings now before it will be too late

6. What’s Your Best Childhood Memory?

When i was 5 and my parents took me to America and of course I went to Disney World and than we took a cruise liner to the Caribbean islands


7. Do you own pets? 

Yes I do. A cat and a dog.

8. When did you start your modelling career and how did it happen?

Nine years ago. I was in a shop and there was the owner of the shop and asked me to model for her. I told her I did not have any experience but she still wanted me. I accepted the offer. I went made friends with people who were already models and there was a kind person who helped me. He had contacted his modeling teacher told him about me and I started attending catwalk training.

9. What Is The Best Piece Of Advice You’ve Received?

Take life as it comes.

10. What are your ambitions and future goals? 

Achieve what I have always dreamed of in the modeling industry and owning my own company.







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