Photography with Gabriel

There are weeks and weeks. Some weeks as a dad I can manage to spend some good quality time with my kids and during some other days there are so many things I have to deal with that even if I manage to spend time with my kids I feel the need to find time and do something different with them.

I took Gabriel to Wied Qirda

On this day I decided to spend some time with my youngest child Gabriel. Alice (my eldest) had some work to do so I figured out it was time to teach Gabriel how to use a dslr. I still have my very first dslr my Canon 1000d which I had bought in 2009. I wanted my son to learn how to switch on and switch off the camera, look through the viewfinder, use the shutter release and the playback button. Finally and most importantly I wanted my 4 year old to start to enjoy taking photos. In the meantime I took my lightest of cameras my Canon M5 and together with my son I enjoyed two hour of walk and snapping photos. It was a great way how to bond with Gabriel as well having the opportunity to teach him something new.

We enjoyed taking photos of wild life. Though Gabriel would have preferred that we encounter a dinosaur.
As a photographer I am happy to capture special moments that I spend with my kids. This was one of those moments.
We met this chap and enjoyed taking some photos of this snail.
We enjoyed talking to this farmer. He told me that taking kids out and enjoying the countryside is much better than having them play with the tablet. I fully agree with him.
I am no fan of selfies. But it was a special day with my young boy and a special moment I wanted to treasure.

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