Colours that matter

When was it the last time that you went to the countryside? Well maybe for the time being that is the wrong question to ask or else it is actually the right time to go and enjoy some quiet time in nature.

If you do not often go to the countryside I do suggest that you start to dedicate some of your time to visit the Maltese countryside. It is true that our island is small and yet it is so rich with life. That is why we must do our utmost to protect our countryside.

During this time of year our countryside is full of vivid colours from green to yellow to red and blue, white and purple. I also suggest that you sit down and take a moment to observe the different flowers and plants. In just one small patch you will be surprised with the variety of different plants that grow and how many living things live in that small patch of flowers.

During the past few weeks apart from chasing insects I also enjoyed taking photos of different plants with special focus on flowers. Here are some of the photos I took and in the coming days I will post another post which will feature flowers.

Ilsien il-Kelb
Bużżulet il-Baqra
A swallowtail butterfly enjoying some nectar time on the Boar Thistle (Xewk Abjad).

Though I tried to identify the flowers as best I could I might have got some names wrong. If you know the name of some plants or you are in disagreement with the name I assigned to some of the plants do not hesitate to contact me on
I used the following field guides:
2) Flora u Fauna ta’ Malta

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