Photo Session with Donna

It is incredible how time flies. It seems that it was yesterday when I last posted some photos, then I look at the date and I realise that days passed since my last post. Today I am posting some photos from a series of photos that I took of Donna.

Photo Session with Donna

Together with my family I am mostly staying at home. We are not on lockdown, however the Maltese government is urging its citizens not to go out and as a good citizen I am obeying my government’s instructions (and taking care of my family and myself). Occasionaly I take out my kids somewhere in the countryside and I go shopping once a week (I am also considering doing online shopping however I am still not sure whether I would do so or not).

Well it is incredible that even if I am spending so much time at home, I am managing to keep myself busy. I am correcting my students’ work which seems to be never ending (however I am very happy that my students are working hard). I am also taking care of cooking and I am also dedicating some of my time to edit some photos that I never had time to edit before before our lives have totally been changed due to the Covid-19.

I was happily using a new lens that I bought: Sigma 50mm f1.4

This year also marks 10 years since I’ve started providing my photographic services for my clients. It has been an interesting journey. When I reflect on the years that have gone by I can say that my interest in photography did not diminish if anything I feel even more addicted in photography. During these years I did not limit myself to only one genre of photography. Though I love both portrait and macro nature photography, I am also into landscape and street photography. I also like to experiment other types of photography. Having said that I mostly take photos of what I am passionate about.

It was a real pleasure working with Donna.
She is a very talented model.

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