Għar il-Kbir

Here are some photos of Għar il-Kbir. This is one of my favorite trekking spots in Malta. Lying a couple of hundred metres south of Buskett Gardens and a few hundred metres away from Dingli Cliffs, this cave is actually a series of eight interconnecting caves. People who live in caves are called troglodytes, and there were some 120 of these living here in olden, times up to the third decade of the 19th century.

On the bare rocky plateau close to these caves there is an expanse of jugged garigue land. This is all criss-crossed by numerous parallel ruts that run in pairs, for scores of metres. The reason for these ruts is uncertain but it is thought that sledge-like carts were drawn along these ruts thus furrowing them even deeper when transporting heavy objects (stone slabs?) to build their farmsteads. It is thought that these cart ruts date back to the Bronze Age (around 1,400 – 800 B.C.

The photos I took using  my conon eos M5 and a 7mm extreme wide angle lens.

The largest cave at Għar il-Kbir
A smaller cave at Għar il-Kbir which connects to another smaller cave which in turn connects to the largest cave.

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