Photo Session with Donna Part 2

In the last few days in Malta we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel as Covid-19 cases have reduced. It seems that the government is considering to reduce the number of restrictions. Will this mean that bit by bit our life will return back to what we used to consider as normal?

One of the things that I miss is surely working with different clients on photo shoots and other photography assignments. It is true that during the last few weeks I had the opportunity to enjoy my family and feeling less stressed. However, I do miss working with different people and doing what I love.

At this time of year plants and water ponds start to dry up and little by little we will start to prepare for summer. If indeed restrictions start to be lifted I have some interesting projects related to photography planned for this summer. For the time being I shall keep my feet on the ground and not raise my hopes. I shall wait and see how things will evolve.

Today I am posting some more photos of Donna’s photo session. Should you be interested in discussing a photo session for yourself do hesitate to contact me on I will be happy to help you out and together we can plan the photos that you desire.

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