Celebrating 10 Years of Portrait Photography

Some days ago I received a Facebook notification that I posted this photo 10 years ago. I could not believe my eyes that a decade has already passed since I did this photo session. I did this photo shoot with Eliza at Chadwick Lakes. This was one of my very first photo shoots which I did so that I could gain experience in photography. Receiving this notification and seeing this photo brought back a flood of memories of when I decided to take photography to the next level and provide my services to clients.

During the first few months when I started in 2009 I was lucky to have found an incredible amount of support from family and friends. Some gave me feedback on my photos while others accepted to have a photo session and thus give me the opportunity to practise and build my portfolio.

Years before I decided to offer my services for clients I used to enjoy taking photos of family and friends but I never cared much about the composition of a photograph. At that time (1999-2005) social media was not as powerful as it is today and taking photos was purely for the pleasure of oneself. So taking photos for me meant taking photos as memories to enjoy later.

Then in 2009 my journey as a presenter on radio ended. After some months I decided to take photography more seriously. I bought my first camera the Canon 1000d. From that day onwards photography became my life’s passion.

Needless to say that learning how to take photos professionally meant that there was a whole list of things that I needed to learn and at first I found this a bit overwhelming. However I dedicated all my free time and resources into learning this new craft. I remember that at that time I used to experiment a lot with my camera and photos. I did not worry much whether I over edited a photo or whether my camera had 2 card slots or not. These are all things that I’ve learnt as time went by. I was also lucky that a friend of mine recommended that I start using Lightroom to edit my photos. Eventually I started to use both Lightroom and Photoshop for editing.

I also remember holding the camera in my hands and I could not understand its controls. It was of course imperative to learn that as soon as possible. Especially I had to learn how to use the M mode (manual mode). I knew that I would have reached an important milestone once I learned how to use manual mode. During these first few months I pushed myself to read many books and watched countless videos on YouTube on how to edit as well on how to take photos.

The very first person I took a photo session of was my beautiful wife. At that time I just edited my photos with Lightroom. The above was one of my very first photo sessions.
Pierre was also with us for that walk in Selmun. Florence and Pierre were so much fun to work with. While I was tense and trying to understand camera settings, Pierre and Florence were happily posing and making my life easy.

10 years have now passed since I decided to immerse myself in the world of photography. I can say that I am still very much in love with this art. I find myself still eager to learn and to keep on improving my photographic skills. As I sit here writing this post I look forward to my next 10 years of photography and I wonder what in 10 years time I will be writing about my photography of today. One thing is for certain that I am very grateful to all those who believed in me. Without these persons I am sure I would have never managed to arrive where I am today.

This shoot was next to Torri l-Aħmar with Josephine. I was pleased with this photo, both with the composition of the photo as well as with the exectution of light and colour.


    1. Thank you so much. It was such a pleasure working with you 🙂 A real pro and a nice person to work with 🙂


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