Underwater Photo Shoot for 2020

It all started last year with my wife’s present – a full face mask snorkel. I always loved snorkeling. I used to spend hours with my snorkeling. So when I tried this mask I immediately immersed myself back to the world of snorkeling. However after doing so a couple of times I found myself wondering if I could incorporate snorkeling and my life’s passion… photography.

My biggest question was whether it was worth investing in underwater photography equipment? Today I can say that the money I invested was worth every penny as I am enjoying doing underwater photo sessions. Today I am uploading my first underwater photo shoot for this year. I worked with Maria Ellul who is a sports teacher and we did this shoot at Għadira Malta during the last week of May 2020. We spent around an hour and a half taking photos in cold sea water. When we started the shoot the sea visibility was good however after a few minutes after we started the shoot the sea became choppier and the visibility was less good. Here are some of the photos that I took during the shoot.

If you would like to have your own under water photo session do not hesitate to contact me HERE

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