Underwater Photo Session with Lydia

This is a bit of a strange summer. It is the first time that I am still working on Holy Communion photos and Confirmation photos at this time of year. I feel a bit sorry for my clients who have to wear suits in this heat. However all our lives have turned upside down due to Covid 19 and even in our work as photographers we had to adapt.

Some days ago I had the opportunity to work with Lydia n an underwater shoot which we did in an indoor pool. There is a big difference in doing such a shoot in a pool rather than in the sea. First of all we did not need to worry about jellyfish and also there were no waves to struggle with. We really enjoyed working together on these photos.

As I was working on these photos I realized that these images would look great in black and white. I could imagine the final result of this set of photos as large black and white prints nicely framed in a living room.

I really enjoyed working on this shoot and I look forward to share with you my next photography project. In the mean time stay safe and I hope you are having a good summer.

Photography Journal – 06

My first post for 2022, hence I wish you a happy new year!!! I am pleased to welcome you back with another monthly round-up of photos. This month I mainly focusing on photos that I took while I was out and about. The first set of photos are a sequence of shots that I took

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Journal 5 – December 2021

The countdown begins. Are you ready for 2022? This is the time of the year when we can reflect on the past year and plan for the coming year. During this time of the year, I start to plan my next photography projects as well as plan how I would like to continue developing my

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