Interview with a MODEL – Ruth Calleja

1) Describe yourself?

I am a free spirit model with a positive approach towards life. I am very flexible and open minded but also a very determined person.

2) Can you give the reader some information about your work and your life’s passion?

By profession I am a qualified business administrator and an interior designer but my main passion is in photo modelling where I can recount stories with my pictures.

3) When did you start your modelling career and how did it happen?

It all started when a German photographer at a party in Austria insisted to do a photo session with me. I liked the feeling and the results when he sent them to me. Since then I got hooked on.

4) Having the opportunity to work with you on 3 photo sessions I realized how much preparation you do before a shoot. Can you tell the reader the process by which you prepare for a shoot?

Once I get the theme and location sorted with the photographer I then visit the site (if possible) to get a feeling of the place. For overseas photo shoots I request photos of the location. Then I research about the theme, the history of the location, appropriate outfits, hairstyles and makeup. With this information I choose the clothing and accessories that match the location. On the eve of the shoot I wash my hair and prepare my nail polish. Two hours before I need to leave, I wash and do all the necessary professional makeup according to the theme.

5) Who inspires you most in your life? Why?

I am mostly inspired by my mother in life, because of her incredible fighting spirit. She was given for dead twice but against all odds she fought it through to live her life all over again.

6) What was your most challenging photo session? Why?

So far my most challenging photo shoot was the underwater shoot with you. First because I always had a recurring dream that I am drowning. Secondly because I had never been able to dive before in my life let alone dive with open eyes and not blocking my nose. Third because it was something I had never done.

7) If you could time travel, when and where will you choose?

Victorian era cos I love corsets and the burlesque look.

8) What are your future plans in modelling?

I would like to be featured in some magazine with a sponsor for clothing, accessories etc and to promote that being curvy is beautiful and that a woman can be beautiful at any age.

9 What was the best advice you ever received?

I was advised wisely to think about myself more than I think about others. I find it difficult to do but I try to find some time for myself daily.

10) Can you tell us about your ambitions and future goals?

That modelling becomes my primary source of income while travelling around the world.

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