Flight over Malta

Some weeks ago, my friend Roderick offered me the opportunity to fly with him on a 2-seater plane during a 45 minute flight around the Maltese Islands. 

What an experience! Being at such altitude, I could really enjoy myself observing the archipelago from a bird’s eye point of view.

A flight on a 2-seater plane makes the experience of flying totally different than when flying on an airline. Being seated exactly next to the pilot while watching over the flight control panel makes the whole experience very personal. Capturing photos of the landscape hundreds of metres below was also an added bonus. Looking on my right (the pilot was on the left of the airplane) I could recognise numerous landmarks, both urban and rural, as well as the coastline contrasting sharply with the dark blue sea. 

You may well imagine I had a great time, taking as many photo shots as I liked, some of which I am sharing with you.

Myself and Roderick during the flight round Malta and Gozo.

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