Magazine 01- August 2021

This series of posts has long been on my mind. Every day I am always carrying my camera with me so that I capture whatever I find intriguing, beautiful or worth capturing. I have decided to start to publish a regular post with the various photos that I take. Thankfully I never got stuck with one genre of photography, so in these posts I will offer you different types of photos.

My son Gabriel partially hiding behind some leaves.
Whilst snorkelling in M’Scala I came across this Sea Hare. It was not much impressed with me snatching photos and it kept coming towards me whilst completely ignoring me.
Whilst walking at Chadwick lakes and enjoying the beautiful walk with my family, we came across these mushrooms. I never saw so many mushrooms growing together.
May, June and July were characterised by Holy Communion and Confirmation photos. During such shoots, I have the opportunity to meet different families and getting to know them. This is one of the photos that I took this year, of a dad (Daniel) with his daughter. During this shoot, we had the last few droplets of rain on our island. Luckily we were not far from the Maritime Museum at Vittoriosa and we went to take some photos under its sheltered entrance. I will soon post more Holy Communion and Confirmation photos.

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