Journal 02 – September

Since secondary school, I was always part of the production of a magazine of some sort. Once I began working as a teacher, together with some students, we started to work on a school magazine. 19 years later, I am still involved in the publication of this school magazine. This time as an online blog. I never imagined that one day I would work on a monthly journal that features my work. Here, I am presenting you with the second issue of my online photography journal.

September always brings some kind of change in my life and I am always eager for this month. I love the month of September and here are some reasons why. First and foremost, September is the month that I age another year. This year will mark my 42nd year on planet earth. Secondly, this September when school starts again, I will start a new experience at school. After 19 years of teaching Social Studies, I will now start to work as an Assistant Head. I will do so at the same school I used to teach which is Our Lady Immaculate School. I am very much looking forward to start this new experience.

Finally, I look forward to September as bit by bit the weather starts to change (hopefully it does) and I always look forward to some rain and thunder (well I am still waiting).

This month I am featuring several photos that I took during some of my photography assignments and some fun photos that I took whilst on the move.

Food: An interesting place that we visited as a family was Charles&Ron Café. The menu is varied and interesting. From the menu, I decided to choose something healthy (but still tasted delicious) whist my family chose some tasty sweets. I do suggest that you try this place to experience something different.
Patterns: Intricate patterns are beautiful to capture. This is a black and white photo of the beautiful Mosta Dome.
Environment: One of the sad realities of our age, pollution. I took this underwater photo near Jerma – Marsascala. The current brought so much more rubbish, mostly fragments of plastic which my kids and I cleaned. So much more can be done to limit all sorts of pollution. However, I feel that politicians all around the world still lack the will to do something drastic and concrete to help the environment. The time has come for drastic measures.

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