Photo Walk at Senglea

On Sunday 10th of October I organised a photowalk for the Malta Institute of Professional Photography at Senglea. I have been a member of this organisation for 9 years and for 2 years I was even a committee member. When Mr. Kevin Casha asked me to organise this years’ photowalks for the MIPP, I immediately thought that Senglea, should be our very first destination.

One of Senglea’s streets after it rained.

At 9 am we met near Macina and started off with a small icebreaker. We were a good number of photographers, each armed with different lenses and cameras. Though it was cloudy we started off with some nice weather. However after 45 minutes of walking, and we almost had arrived at Gardjola Gardens, it started to rain.


The rain gave us a bit of a respite, however it soon started to rain again. Luckily we managed to take shelter in a nearby church. Once the rain calmed down we continued our photo walk, which by then it had turned into a real adventure. The rain calmed down again, so we continued our walk. However it started to rain again, this time it poured down with vengeance. It was as if the gods did not want us to continue taking photos of this beautiful old city. By then we realised that it was not going to stop raining, thus we decided that it was time to call it a day.

After a few minutes of heavy rain.

We ended the photo walk by sheltering under the umbrellas of one of the cafeterias at Senglea’s waterfront and we enjoyed a warm drink.

If you are passionate about photography and you would like to meet other photographers I do suggest that you join the MIPP. This voluntary organisation provides its members with interesting talks and educational lectures about photography. The MIPP also organises a number of photo walks in different locations around Malta. Anyone interested to join the MIPP can contact me and I will provide you with further information. Our next photo walk will be in November at Haz-Zebbug.

Group photo taken by Kevin Casha.

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