Journal 4 – November

November was an interesting month as I had a lot of things going on, from preparing daily meals for my family to attending evening classes, housework, school work and also a good number of photography assignments. As I did during the past 4 months I am sharing with you some of my work.

The first photos I am going to present to you are from a recent shoot that I had with a regular client of mine – Filip. Filip will soon be leaving Malta and he wanted to have his last shoot taken in Valletta, as he considers Malta’s capital as being his favourite place on the island.

As a family, we always enjoy going to new places. Some weeks ago, there was an open day at Villa Frere Gardens and we decided to visit this place. Villa Frere is truly magnificent. To enter this old villa one has to go through St. Lukes hospital and before I realised that, I thought that my GPS was sending me in the wrong direction. I finally asked the security at the gates of St. Lukes, where Villa Frere is and she confirmed that I had to pass from inside the old hospital.

How would the world be without these tiny inhabitants? Some would surely answer this question by saying, “a better place”. However, scientists tell us that humans cannot survive without insects. Of course, some insects are more important than others however who are we to decide which insects are important and which are not? After all, they are all important for the food chain.

After Jon’s and Elaine’s pre-wedding photos, I am now publishing some photos that I took of their wedding.

I am also posting some detailed shots that I took during Jon and Elaine’s wedding.

It is time to post again some photos from RMJ horses. This time I quickly snapped these photos whilst they came for an educational visit at school.

It is tea time! One of our favourite places for tea and cakes is Carolinas’ Petite Cafe in Balzan. Not only do we love the food and service but the ambiance is incredible. Whenever I go to this place I always feel that I have entered the magical story of Alice in Wonderland.

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