Journal 5 – December 2021

The countdown begins. Are you ready for 2022? This is the time of the year when we can reflect on the past year and plan for the coming year. During this time of the year, I start to plan my next photography projects as well as plan how I would like to continue developing my passion for photography.

I would like to thank you for following and supporting my photography. Happy New Year to you!!!

The first set of photos are of Marylin. Marilyn wanted to commemorate her 33 rd birthday with a nice set of photos.
Photo session with Filip.
We decided to hold this month’s MIPP (Malta Institute of Professional Photography) photo walk in Floriana. Floriana provides any photographer with an opportunity to shoot different types of photos such as gardens, buildings, sea and street photography.

I would recommend Floriana to any photography enthusiast who would like to spend some time taking photos.

Growing on the pavement, with sunlight coming exactly behind this plant I used a large aperture to create a blurry background and focus on its beautiful flowers.
Also in Floriana, I took several photos of this vintage-style scooter the LML Star.

Hope that you enjoyed this month’s photos. If you need any help in photography or you would like to book me for any photo assignment you can contact me on my e-mail

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