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Puy du Fou: Theme Park in France

Puy du Fou is a theme park located in the west of France, in the département of Vendée. The park is themed around history and features a number of historical reenactments, as well as other shows and attractions. Puy du Fou has been ranked as one of the best theme parks in the world and

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Photography Journal – 06

My first post for 2022, hence I wish you a happy new year!!! I am pleased to welcome you back with another monthly round-up of photos. This month I mainly focusing on photos that I took while I was out and about. The first set of photos are a sequence of shots that I took

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Journal 5 – December 2021

The countdown begins. Are you ready for 2022? This is the time of the year when we can reflect on the past year and plan for the coming year. During this time of the year, I start to plan my next photography projects as well as plan how I would like to continue developing my

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Journal 4 – November

November was an interesting month as I had a lot of things going on, from preparing daily meals for my family to attending evening classes, housework, school work and also a good number of photography assignments. As I did during the past 4 months I am sharing with you some of my work. The first

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Journal 3 – October 2021

Another month has gone by and it is time to present some of my newest photos. This month, Jonathan, another friend of mine, tied the knot. Jonathan and Elaine asked me to take their pre-wedding as well as their wedding photos. The above photos of Elaine and Jonathan I took at Ġebel Cantar during sunset.

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Photo Walk at Senglea

On Sunday 10th of October I organised a photowalk for the Malta Institute of Professional Photography at Senglea. I have been a member of this organisation for 9 years and for 2 years I was even a committee member. When Mr. Kevin Casha asked me to organise this years’ photowalks for the MIPP, I immediately

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Journal 02 – September

Since secondary school, I was always part of the production of a magazine of some sort. Once I began working as a teacher, together with some students, we started to work on a school magazine. 19 years later, I am still involved in the publication of this school magazine. This time as an online blog.

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Magazine 01- August 2021

This series of posts has long been on my mind. Every day I am always carrying my camera with me so that I capture whatever I find intriguing, beautiful or worth capturing. I have decided to start to publish a regular post with the various photos that I take. Thankfully I never got stuck with

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Flight over Malta

Some weeks ago, my friend Roderick offered me the opportunity to fly with him on a 2-seater plane during a 45 minute flight around the Maltese Islands.  What an experience! Being at such altitude, I could really enjoy myself observing the archipelago from a bird’s eye point of view. A flight on a 2-seater plane makes the

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Studio Shoot with Loriana

Some time ago I had the pleasure to work with Loriana. This was our second time that we worked together on a shoot. The first time we did a shoot at Ghar Tuta area. Now we decided to go for a studio shoot. Since my family and I moved house my studio is not ready

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RMJ’s Rescued Horses – Malta

Some weeks ago together with my family I had the opportunity to visit a beautiful place, RMJ’s Horse Rescue which is located in the limits of Siggiewi.  The visit proved to be a nice educational outing where the kids had the opportunity to learn about caring for horses, the meaning of voluntary work and the reason why these horses needed rescue. I admired the work done by these

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Ħaż-Żebbuġ and Saints

Remember the set of Ħaż-Żebbug door knockers photos I posted some while ago on this website? I hope you enjoyed them. Now I embarked on a different project to catalogue the multitude of religious images that are to be seen all over the town. Ħaż-Żebbug families love to display pictures or ceramic figures on their

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A Fun Confirmation Shoot

This is the time of year when requests to photograph Holy Communion and Confirmation ceremonies & post sessions start rolling in. Here are some photos from one such particular occasion. In this case, the post ceremony photo session turned into a family fun event.

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work on a shoot with Maria on an interesting project a kind of an elvish dreamy themed shoot. Maria who is an artist herself is handcrafting her own jewelry and selling her beautiful work of art. You can also visit her work on her Facebook page:

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Dancing Sunset

Last week I saw a spectacular sunset at Xlendi. What made this sunset truly unique were the high waves that danced in front of the sun creating a beautiful spectacle. Here are a sequence of photos that capture what I have witnessed.

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Underwater Photo session with Lydia 29/07/2020

Photo session with Deborah 23/07/2020

Underwater Photo session with Ruth 18/07/2020

Summer Photo Session with Sarah 11/07/2020

Underwater Photo Session – Summer Fun 02/07/2020

Popeye Village – A dream Village 23/06/2020

Loriana Photo Session 18/06/2020

Sunset over Ħaż-Żebbug 14/06/2020

6 Different Sunsets 06/06/2020

Underwater Shoot with Maria 31/06/2020

Lapsi: 24/05/2020

Landscape: Kunċizzjoni 16/05/2020

Photo session with Donna Part 2 24/04/2020

Photo session with Donna Part 1 02/04/2020

Photography with Gabriel 08/03/2020

Fish Eye Photos 19/02/2020

Event Photography with LeoVegas 14/02/2020

Maternity Photo Session with Jean and Roderick 06/02/2020

Event Photography at Mekkek San Gwann 27/01/2020

Under water photo session with Lara Camilleri 27/12/2019

Wedding photography Andonia and Charlton 23/12/2019

Father Karm Debattista’s Concert Photos